Jurassic Park Spitters Candy

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Jurassic Park Spitters-by JP (.65 cents)

1993 Review – Mmmm.. I just love Jawbreakers (the classic ones), so I figured theses would be really good as well. The flavors for these Jawbreakers are pretty different (Kiwi, Guava, Papaya, Mango, and Pineapple) but it is really hard to tell them apart by taste. They are all colored white with speckles of color – they all seem to have the same colors of speckles on each one (purple, green, orange, and yellow).

The first thing I had to do with the Spitter was confirm it’s authentic-ness. A valid Jawbreaker will, when broken in half, show multi layers of colors, like the growth rings on a tree. These Spitters did not pass the Jawbreaker test, so they are not fit to be called Jawbreakers!

These were named after a dinosaur from the movie Jurassic Park, but perhaps these candies were also meant to be used as alternative spit ball ammo. (which is better than eating them!) Good luck in finding a straw big enough to fit them in! (WR)


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