Clownhead Zine #4 from 1994

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CLOWNHEAD-issue #1
PRICE: $1 ppd. (24 pages)
This cool zine is mainly about clowns. There is a lot of stories about clowns that were written by contributors. There are many pictures of clowns, some are frightening, some are funny. People were asked to tell the editor why they like or hate clowns. Most of the clown like/hate comments are pretty funny. There is also a lot of stuff not about clowns like: An interview with a 90210 expert, Grocery store reviews, zine reviews, etc… There is a lot to read here. I’ve had this zine for 4 months and I still haven’t finished it. They want YOUR Clown Stories!! Write and tell them what you think of clowns!

Ah, you cannot order this zine anymore.
From the good ole days when zines were printed on a photocopy machine and sent in the mail.