Products of the 90’s

Popular 90s things – The most popular things were kids toys such as POGs, Beanie Babies, Nintendo – the early versions, Gameboy, Vanilla Ice – Yes if you were growing up in the 90s you liked The Ice Ice Baby! MC Hammer was also popular, and you probably watched Saved By The Bell every Saturday night.

Things a 90s Kid Might Say

Some of the things you might hear a kid, now an adult, from the 90s say.  


90’s See Through Telephone

Pre cell phone technology. The see through look for the 90s technology era. See a larger photo of the phone at the bottom of the page! Cheap phones that always looked cool, and broke after a year. These still look cool, but have no practical use as most people do not even have a land-line […]

Surge Soda from the 90s Makes a Comeback

Yeah, the OTHER Mountain Dew, made by Coca-Cola in the 90s, has made a comeback. Right now you can only get it online. If people buy enough it could be in stores. If not, well, don’t miss out since you can buy it now.


But Who Liked the Power Rangers??

Yeah, only cool if you were around 8 years old, and totally bored. You could get dressed up like a Power Rangers for a 90s themed party and everyone would know what you are!


You Rocked out to Nirvana!

Quite HUGE in the early 90’s, and still something many people listen to today. From Subpop and Seattle. Not really a product, but definitely a 90’s thing.


Look COOL With a Sony Walkman

Started being popular in the late 80’s, but quite popular in the 90’s. Not something you can just slip in your pocket like a smart phone.


The Super Soaker Summer Toy

Okay, with this 90’s gem you probably had a lot of fun during the summer, or made a lot of enemies. These things were intense. The new ones look quite technical, but still shoot water with deadly force.


Beanie Baby Craze!

Admit it, if you grew up in the 90’s you owned at least ONE of these. If you owned 50 or more, best to keep that to yourself. They made Tye Dyed ones for the “cool” kids in school, cute ones for everybody else.


Tamagotchi on a Keychain

Nothing beats the awesome graphics on the Tamagotchi thing. You can still get new ones, if your one from the 90’s was lost during a sleep-over in high school.


I Heart Pokemon!

One of the 90’s cartoon character games that are still popular today. The one here is on the GAMEBOY, also a 90’s thing. We hope you didn’t spend all of your birthday money on the Pokemon trading cards. Collapsible Group Item #1 start Collapsible Group Item #2 Collapsible Group Item #3


Gotta Have a Fanny Pack!

Especially a NEON fanny pack. These were kind cool, then kinda NOT cool. The neon design is still pretty cool. The 90’s must-have fashion accessory.


The Cool Air Jordan Sneekers

You can still buy these, but the original Air Jordans from the 90’s are harder to find in good condition. When you wore these you probably thought you would play basketball better.


You Loved Saved By The Bell

The popular TV show was TOTAL 90s. We hope you didn’t spend every Saturday night watching this show!


Neon Slap Bracelets

A low-fi cool 90’s fashion accessory. Probably more fun to put them on than to wear.


The Popular Furby from the 90s

One of the most popular toys from the 90s, a cute fuzzy ‘Furby’ with a cute personality. From what I remember there was never a shortage of these toys in stores. Nearly every kid wanted one of these for years.


Remember These Things from the 90s?

Pogs, Furby, and Grunge fashions! Contains all the popular toys from the 90s.


Quake Magazine 1993 with Wynona Ryder Cover

This is the first issue of QUAKE magazine which featured Winona Ryder on the cover. 1993 Published by Welsh Publishing in New York It was a glossy newsstand magazine ‘About entertainment, style, youth’.   Inside page of the Quake Magazine 1993

Jurassic Park Spitters Candy

Jurassic Park Spitters-by JP (.65 cents) 1993 Review – Mmmm.. I just love Jawbreakers (the classic ones), so I figured theses would be really good as well. The flavors for these Jawbreakers are pretty different (Kiwi, Guava, Papaya, Mango, and Pineapple) but it is really hard to tell them apart by taste. They are all […]


Tart N Tinys Candy 1993

Tart N Tinys-by Willy Wonka (.15 cents) 1993 Review – This candy consists of tiny cylindrical multicolored shapes. They are a bit sour, but not overpowering. They are actually pleasant, if you like sour that is! I found that you can play several games with these candies, such as building towers. Being an amateur at […]


Clownhead Zine #4 from 1994

CLOWNHEAD-issue #1 PRICE: $1 ppd. (24 pages) 1994 This cool zine is mainly about clowns. There is a lot of stories about clowns that were written by contributors. There are many pictures of clowns, some are frightening, some are funny. People were asked to tell the editor why they like or hate clowns. Most of […]