Beating Mike Blakeman

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Written in 1994 – My tenth birthday party was held in 1967 in Amherst, N.H.
I realized in thinking about this that most of my birthdays seemed to have run together in my memory. At this party there was a difference.
I received a stuffed snake, a cobra actually, about 5 feet long. It was a great present and everybody wanted to play with it, but of course I was the birthday boy and I was the one that should have the snake, at least in my opinion at the time. One of the kids, Mike Blakeman, was much larger than the rest of us and a bit of a bully. At some point he got a hold of the snake and wouldn’t give it back to me.
As I chased him onto our driveway, I got a finger on him and he lost his balance and fell into a puddle. Man, was he mad! Now he was chasing me and I was running for my life. Eventually, Mike caught me and we rolled on the ground for a minute until I pinned Mike to the ground and he actually couldn’t get loose despite how angry he was. Suddenly my mother showed up out of nowhere and broke it up. She was very upset and sent everyone home early. I ended up in my room “thinking about what had happened”.

Yes, Yes, Yes. I beat Mike Blakeman!!! Too bad about the party though.

K.D. Schmitz


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