Birthday Pizza Party 1994

Written 1994 – I turned nine on April 23, 1994. My mom had a birthday party with all my friends as she had done every year. It was always warm in California during this time of the year, so the parties usually took place outside. I has about five or six friends at this party […]

Beating Mike Blakeman

Written in 1994 – My tenth birthday party was held in 1967 in Amherst, N.H. I realized in thinking about this that most of my birthdays seemed to have run together in my memory. At this party there was a difference. I received a stuffed snake, a cobra actually, about 5 feet long. It was […]

Remembering the Birthday Grab Bag

1994 – My earliest birthday memory occurred when I was 6 years old, And it’s not even my own birthday I remember. I had become good friends with someone from my kindergarten class. He invited me to his party. I has never been to a birthday party before, so this was a big deal. The […]

Summer of 1993 Vacation

1993 – The summer before I started college me and my boyfriend went to San Francisco. We crashed with my aunt and uncle (who now hate me for reasons no one can explain) in their luxurious house which was so centrally located that we walked every day to the Haight-Ashbury and Castro. God, did we […]

Memorial Day 1993

1993 – My friend Darline and I went camping on Memorial Day Weekend in 1993. We went to Green Valley Beach Campground in Newton, New Jersey. We left on Friday night at about 11 o’clock and arrived at midnight. On the next day we went paddleboating in the lake. We had to put on the […]

Family Trip to Aquarena Springs

1993 Essay – I consulted my mother about the specifics. She thinks that we were on our way back from either San Felipe, Texas, the site of a recreated settlement begun by Stephen F. Austin complete with log cabins, or Aquarena Springs, a goofy water theme park complete with animated aquatic dinosaurs and faux mermaids, […]

Dropping Rocks in the 90’s

1993 – Once it was out of the teacher’s mouth everyone was excited which is a surprising thing because it was a school field trip. We were going up to something park to climb mountains and explore caves. After unloading from the bus we were escorted to a ranger station or something like that to […]

Breakfast in Miami Florida

1992 – I’m about 12 years old at the time in Miami, FL. It’s about 1983 on a Saturday morning. I’m at home waking up. My younger brother wakes up a little later and were looking at each other like where the hell is breakfast. Well, we roll outta the rack and head for the […]

Frosted Flakes and Grape Juice

It’s too bad I still can’t eat like I did as a child. Many a night I ponder memories of food choices I don’t know why I had. Two of my personal favorites were Frosted Flakes with grape juice poured over them(in a glass of course) and whipped cream sandwiches. Now my eating is much […]

Sesame Street Apartments in Goleta

Once when I was 5 or so me and my brother, let’s call him Spud, me and spud were chillin’ in the Sesame Street Apts in Goleta with our baby sitter Suzy “Swoozy” Kirtz. The Swoozster used to make us Capt. Crunch all the time. The cool kind with the berries. So once me and […]

Essay on Eating Rice Krispies

1992 – When I was about 5 years old(maybe younger, like 4 or 3 even) I was sitting at the kitchen table with my mom eating breakfast. I was having a bowl of Rice Krispies while my mom was drinking tea and eating something else. We were watching TV. Suddenly, I threw up without warning […]

New Froot Loop Flavors in the 90’s

1992 NEWSFLASH: PSYCHIC SMURPH PREDICTS NEW FROOT LOOPS FLAVORS!!! Okay, I was at my aunt’s house and she has these variety packs of cereal that sit on her shelves all year until we come and visit. And I was eating a nice normal bowl of Froot Loops. I was looking at the bowl and I […]

Eating Cheerios in the 90s

1992 – IT’S IMPORTANT TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING Well, yeah. One morning I decided to save a little time by skipping that step about waking up. It seemed to be going fine. I got up, got dressed, went to the kitchen, got myself a bowl, a glass, got out the milk: everything seemed […]

Remembering Breakfast as a Child

1992 – Ah, breakfast. As a child, breakfast was an event of huge proportion. It was a way to greet the day. A ritual of sorts that stated in no uncertain terms, “I’m awake(putting to rest for another 16 hours the fear that you wouldn’t wake up the next morning), I’m ready to watch cartoons, […]

Aunt Myrna’s House and Kelloggs Raisin Bran

1992 – I remember as a youngster staying overnight at my Aunt Myrna’s house. I didn’t like her much, as she was always showing us how much smarter her little Jeffrey was than me and my bro and sis. She was a smug know-it- all which actually lays the background into my breakfast trauma this […]