In the 90’s There Were…

Some things that will be documented through photos and words.

Trump Dork Face, Photoshopped.

Let’s not believe in evolution, and that smoking doesn’t kill. Theory doesn’t mean what I think you think it means, in terms of science.

Only a 90s kid would think these memes are funny. Check out the slideshow.

Almost 40 percent of the millennials surveyed by Mintel for its 2015 report said pooping was an inconvenient choice because they had to clean up after doing it*. *fictional data

Music has died is right! Bring back the 90s, please?!!?!

Do you have a question about love, career, health, spirit communication, what’s around the corner for you this upcoming year, or anything else you’d like to know? Yeah, where can I get some neon shoelaces?

Floral Designer According to Kilpingers site.

Some of the things you might hear a kid, now an adult, from the 90s say.  

Wear it LOUD and PROUD, 90s style! Women’s shirt with the saying Made in the 90’s on the front.   You don’t often see these in stores, but you DO see them online, like, HERE, on the 90s Site.